Via Porto Rotondo, 07026 Porto Rotondo OT, Italia


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Villa Porto Rotondo  rent brand new located  in the center of town result of a complete renovation and contemporary character. The villa consists of two units, namely: first floor with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, large living room and large terrace overlooking the sea large living room with dining area and sofa, large terrace shaded with curtains furniture with stunning sea views with sofas and seating for outdoor dining, air conditioning in all environments. ground floor with 2 double bedrooms, 1 bedroom with 2 beds, 3 baths, kitchen, large lounge with dining area and sofa, large porch shaded with curtains and furniture for outdoor dining area, lounge with laid decking outdoor shaded, sunbeds and mini outdoor heated jacuzzi with shading blind, comfortable seating outside hot shower, large garden with lawn and well-tended grove with a table and drink olive trees lit, large cellar for bike shelter and miscellaneous equipment, air conditioning in all environments.  

Porto Rotondo is truly the perfect destination for those loving the sea. During the day it is surrounded by the crystal clear waters and the coast, with the fascinating colors of the Gallura, at night the landscape is lighten up by the most exclusive clubs and restaurants where many celebrities can be easily met.

The circular natural creek in the north east of Sardinia was the ideal site chosen to build Porto Rotondo, already dubbed by locals “Poltu Ridundu”. A geographical space that became an equipped marina around which to develop a marine village.

It was Venetian Nicolo Conti and Luigi Dona dalle Rose who committed themselves in 1964 to create the port and the village. Almost everything was built spontaneously, following the inspiration of the moment.

The idea of the two brothers was that Porto Rotondo would become a ” milieu ” of artists and intellectuals, and the first to respond to the invitation were the sculptors Andrea Cascella and Giancarlo Sangregorio. The first one created the meeting point of holiday encounters: Piazzetta San Marco. The second one realized the little square of the fishermen’s dock “Old Dock”.

Today Porto Rotondo is one of the most important resorts in the Mediterranean tourism. During the summer season, it takes about 20,000 visitors, and in August even 30,000.

Beautiful beaches surround its marina that provides mooring for more than 650 vessels of all sizes. The territory is divided into three “focal points”: Punta Nuraghe, Punta Volpe and Punta Lada.


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